Send funds to Localbitcoins

Hi there!

I sent some btc from electrum to Bisq wich i perfectly received. I know see them in the available balance tab

I wonder if there is any problem to withdraw my actual funds to my localbitcoins account .

I guess all is done through send fund window, and filling the fields “withdraw to address” and I copy my localbitcoins address here, and optionally fill “withdawal memo” field too

Will next window tell the fee for the transaction

As this is not a sell or buy transaction just a movement between two different addresses I am not sure if those fund will be blocked by the system that would expect a validation for the other part or they will directly go to the localcoinbit address

I saw that my localbitcoins address start with number 3 so I think it won´t show any warning message

Thank you for you help and attention

Hi welcome to Bisq :grinning:

You can withdraw your Bitcoin to any address you like. How you describe it above is how it works. You will be show the fee before you confirm the transaction.

You need to use your Bisq wallet password if you have one set up to authorize the transaction.

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