Sender's name doesn't match the one from trade contract, what to do?

I had an offer to sell BTC for GBP using national bank transfer, and have just received a payment.

But the UI says to make sure the sender’s name in my bank statement matches the one from the trade contract, and it doesn’t. Also the sender from the trade contract is a company name, whereas I received funds from the bank account of a private individual, which makes me even more suspicious about this. What do I do?

This might be a case where the actual sender is scammed and doesn’t know what for he is sending you money for. This could lead to complications with your bank if that person files a complaint to the authorities or the bank. As such it is the rules of the network that the names must match.

You should probably open a dispute or if there is a way to contact the sender yourself, maybe doing that first.
Just to be on the safe side.

Please open a disptue by cmd+o or ctrl+o. The arbitrator will check if the fiat sending person is really the BTC buyer.

FYI, this issue was resolved in arbitration. Thanks, @cryptorials.