Sending funds from built in wallet

There has been a couple of instances where i have sent BTC to shapeshifter from the bitsquare wallet where it calculates what is to be sent to shapeshift, but after i confirm it, the wallet has actually sent .0001 extra and manual intervention is needed, to sort it out. (yep i used precise). This has happened a couple of times, and only when i select multiple source addresses from my wallet. is the price that the bitsquare popup tells me will be sent actually meant to be accurate?
i understand this is probably a bitcoinj issue, but though id ask here first.

The 0.0001 seems to be the mining fee. You should see the popup with the details (amount to send, fee, amount to receive). if not u have probably clicked dont shaw again, u can reset that in the settings to get the popup again.
so if u send 1 btc u receive 0.9999.
Fee calculation should be correct, but if there are many inputs maybe there some bugs, but I am not aware of.

the pop up when sending (which takes into account mining fee so i know what the ACTUAL amount the receiver will actually receive) gave me a different figure than the actual transaction that i see in the history . + .0001 more.
when i sent from one address its usually fine, as iv done it a quote few times…but when i select small dregs of each address maybe it calculates it incorrectly?

Seems to eb a bug then. The fee calculation is a bit tricky in BitcoinJ and needs improvements.

You’ll be safe with ShapeShift as long as a return address is supplied, but this does sound like a buglet.

Sorry guys, please Close…I shouldn’t drink and operate computer