Sending message failed

My Role:
BTC buyer as maker
Warning message
You have locked up funds from a failed trade

Payment started message status:
Sending message failed.

This happened after I transferred my money to his bank account.

errorMessage=Broadcast completed without any successful broadcast
Broadcast completed without any successful broadcast
Sending message failed: message=CounterCurrencyTransferStartedMessage

I have already sent the funds, but I believe the BTC seller was offline when I confirmed the payment

Hello, @ricardo_bisq_user Iā€™d recommend that you remove the screenshot, deposit tx info etc. from this post as it is a public forum and that is private info. Seems to me that the trade failed, likely due to a faulty tor connection during broadcast.

Can you DM me the deposit transaction ID and ill take a look.


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Thanks for warning me. I have removed the information from the public as soon as I saw your message.

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