Sending USD to email via Uphold

Hey Guys - I’m having an issue sending USD to an email on uphold. I select USD to send and then put in the recipients email - after I select what the recipient will receive (started with USD, but none appear to work) I get a message “Unfortunately, we are unable to process this transaction to this destination.” Any leads or thoughts on this?

I don’t know how Uphold works, but I think this issue deserves opening mediation with ctrl+O.

Here is a link to how to use Uphold to send payments to people worldwide: Send money to friends and family worldwide – Uphold Help Center

Make sure your Uphold account is fully KYD’d and you have funds in the wallet you want to make payment from.

This same thing is happening to me, i cant figure out why uphold isnt working for me. i am pretty sure ive fully kycd with them, i dont see any additional info they need from me.

check out this post about 65 days delays for being able to use ACH deposits!! Why do I have to wait 65 days before withdrawing US Dollar deposits? – Uphold Help Center

Other options are:

Pay by card: How to fund with your credit/debit card – Uphold Help Center

Or you could agree with your trade partner to use a USD based stablecoin instead of USD.

My issue turned out to be a state level restriction that uphold wouldnt let a resident of my state send USD outside of the US, I was able to send DAI, or USDC but not USD.

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