Sent from wrong address ... help please

I am taker getting BTC for XMR. I sent the proper amount of XMR but from a different wallet than was specified when beginning the trade. Will this be a problem? im not sure if the other side needs to see it coming from a specific address or if their looking for the match transaction amount. is this headed to arbitration? hope I didnt lose everything, Im a n00b to bisq. thanks

It shouldn’t be relevant. Your XMR address is only important when you are receiving XMR.

thank you!

you just let the maker know you paid and it shouuld all be ok. you should keep the private key from where you send the monero, just in case of a dispute you can sign to prove you did send the monero

thanks, how do I communicate with the maker?

I think he’s just referring to the “I started the payment” button. Other than that, you can only communicate with the maker via the arbitrator in case of a dispute, but that probably won’t be necessary.

cool thank you. It is still waiting for the seller’s payment confirmation. fingers crossed it happens soo, but what happens if it doesnt?

When the duration of the trade comes to an end you’ll be able to get in touch with an arbitrator and prove to them that you sent the XMR.