SEPA and non-Euro transfer

I’m a bit confused as to how SEPA works with currency conversion. For example, in Bitsquare I’ve setup a “SEPA (CHF/CH)” account. Now if someone sends me CHF via SEPA, how do the fees and conversion actually work?

Suppose the originating bank account is CHF, and the destination is CHF as well. Is there some conversion to Euro in this process?

If the originating bank is Euro, and the destination is CHF, does the sender know exactly how much CHF the recipient will get after all fees?

When sending from CHF to a Euro account, my bank shows:

But it is still confusing what this actually means.

It probably means that there is no conversion fee. Your bank probably has its own EUR to pay the receiver and it wont charge you extra for that service or it is just a deal between the banks. I don’t know about others paying you, but here it seems like you can pay others with EUR without the extra conversion fees, just like you were paying in CHF.

Yes “with out additional conversion costs” :gift:
Why dose banking language have to be so confusing? Definitely a sign of a dying culture :}

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