SEPA chargeback discussion

As BTC reaches its former heights, even the minimum (0.01 BTC) BTC/EUR trades may soon carry chargeback risks. Although I know there are mitigations against those coming in the future updates of Bisq, I’ve started a bit of a personal research on chargebacks as I’m searching for a new bank.

At the moment, I found out a lot of information on chargebacks with SEPA Direct Debits (SEPA Instant Payments in Bisq). According to the info I found, a user can request a chargeback within 8 weeks of the payment, no questions asked. Past that, the bank will ask certain questions with the biggest possible timeframe for a chargeback bein 13 months.

However, I couldn’t find anything similar on SEPA Credit Transfers (SEPA in Bisq). Can chargeback be executed with such transfers? If so, what are the terms?

On another note, could it have been possible that chargeback scammers used direct debit in regular SEPA trades, which allowed them to request a chargeback?

Let’s discuss

I think SEPA direct debit refers to the pull kind of transaction that you would typically set up with a service provider that pulls money from your account every month. That’s not something anyone using Bisq would be using. Those are indeed easy to reverse.

Someone with better insight into how SEPA works should be able to explain more on normal SEPA transactions, SEPA instant payments and chargeback risks there.

… not really Bisq questions.
You may be more lucky on a bank related forum.