Sepa instant payment taker has accepted normal sepa payment


I created a SEPA selling offer and it seems that it has been accepted by a Instant SEPA user, who is buying BTC. I suppose the taker will go to the bank and make a normal SEPA transfer but I wonder how is that possible. This is the message displayed:

If he makes a Instant sepa payment it will be a mistake because my bank is not accepting SEPA instant payments.


Thanks for signaling this.
… atm I didn’t find an antecedent.
Seems, it must not happen very often.


This looks like a bug to me. I think SEPA and SEPA Instant payments are supposed to be treated like two different payment methods where you shouldn’t be able to take an offer with a wrong account.


It might be that the peer has an older version. There was a bug that Sepa offer could be taken by a sepa instant account but that was fixed recently.


The one with the old version is me.

I hope he does the normal sepa and everything is fine.

I’ll upgrade after this trade.


Maybe the taker has also an old version ?


The trade was completed successfully.