SEPA instant without sender name/IBAN/BIC

I sold bitcoin with SEPA instant method, I received the payment but there is no info on the sender. On the support page they say I have to open a dispute, but why? The SEPA instant are not reversible so what is the problem?
Thank you.

triangle scams could be made.
It is very strange there is no information about the incoming payment, is it that maybe you are just not seeing it on the banking interface for some reason?
Asking the bank directly is always risky, but maybe if you know them to be chill, you could contact them to get those details, something like “I received such and such, it is exactly the amount I was expecting, but for some reason I see no details on the payment information, why is that?”

Could be my banking interface, but it is strange. I would ask to the bank but today is holiday and the bisq transaction must be confirmed within today. I am transacting with a verified account active for almost 3 years, so it seems strange to me that it is trying something spooky. Also are SEPA instant irreversible? Because if they are, are there any problems?

sepa instant are not reversible afiak exaclty because they need to be instant. Given the circumstances, if you are sure you see no details at all in the banking interface, I guess you could warn the buyer that you need to wait to confirm the payment details until you bank can reply to you