SEPA match issues

I have setup an account with SEPA from Denmark (DK)
When i click on an offer with SEPA from Germany (DE) it give me the error: "No matching payment account"
So the matching algorithm seems wrong

The counter party may not accept payments from you country. Best

No thats not it

Actually devs are working on that issue.

Denmarks’ national currency is Danish Krone (DKK) but SEPA payment is only for EURO denominated payments. When you setup this payment method the national currency is preselected & not changeable, here DKK. Which doesn’t match your counter parties currency, EURO. Its seems for you in Denmark and non-Euro counties connected to the SEPA payment system this does not work yet as it should. Best.

ok will do, keep up the good work

Yeah I am aware of that and it is high on the todo list. But I fear I will not find time before returning form the tour… Will see if I can squeeze it in… Hopefully I find soon a good UI dev, so much work on that front…

SEPA across Europe is EUR only.

Able to choose other currency than EUR for SEPA doesn’t make sense. A source of failure.

And why able to reject SEPA payments especially from non-EUR countries? Now users seem to misunderstand and deselect non-EUR countries resulting in less SEPA trades.

Am I missing something?

SEPA supports non EUR currencies as well and Bisq support that as well. It depends on the banks if they offer multi currency accounts in such countries.

Paying with SEPA(EUR), conversion from national currency is made at sender. No multiple currency bank accounts.