SEPA no/wrong sender name

Hi, I am new to BISQ , and have some doubts about a substantial SEPA - transaction I received, that contains basically no sender name, and mentions only “Frau” as a sender.
Even if the rest of the transaction is correct, I have no clue if the transaction is arriving from the person I signed the contract with.

My bank could not help me further, explaining, that they have received only that sender-information (“Frau”).
I never thought that such a transaction is even possible, in a world, where you can’t move without being connected to an ID.

Is somebody out there that had a similar issue? What is the possible timeframe for a SEPA-chargeback?
I don’t want to activate an arbitrator, and free the funds, but it smells a bit fishy.

And by the way, big thanks to all BISQ contributors for this great decentralised exchange, I don’t understand why not more people are using it, but i think that further sociopath/politician/regulator hurdles will force crypto-lovers to flock to this beautiful place.

There have been some problems with people giving different names or something like that.
You should open a dispute as it was intended. There is no risk in getting the arbitrator involved and this is definitely something that should be sorted out.

Thanks, @alexej996. @nice2meet, you can hit CMD-O to open a ticket.