SEPA transaction from non-Euro countries

If a SEPA transaction from a non-Euro country is initiated some fees may incur for the receiver.

In my e-banking - that would be the non-Euro country - there is the option “share fees” when a SEPA transfer is filled out. Basically meaning that the sender pays the fees to his bank - in my case ~30 cents - and the receiver pays the fees his bank is charging. If this option is not taken, the fees for sending would be quite higher (almost like SWIFT).

Does anyone have some experience concerning this kind of transactions? Did any transaction end in arbitration because of dispute concerning fees?

Many thanks for your comments.

If the bank charges fee the sender need to cover the fees. We never had dispute cases as far I remember…

@ManfredKarrer Thanks for your quick response.

Yes, I agree that the sender should cover the costs. However the problem with the “share fee” option is that one does not really know what the fee on the receiver bank will be. Some exchange services I used in the past charged a “Bank fee” of 1.00 EUR on the crypto payout.

Would that be an option to add 1 € to each transfer?

Yes banks are sometime even worse as we are already used to…
I would just ignore it as it is also a small amount. In the worst case the peer opens a dispute and you can point the arbitrator to that conversation.