SEPA tx put on hold by AML

Hi everybody. My bank called me today and said they put SEPA tx on hold and want me to provide date and birth place of person sending me money. They gave me time till 1500 and I was not able to contact him.I was selling btc by SEPA payment. Any suggestion?

This request wouldn’t be acceptable on Bisq anyway, traders are not advised to comply with banks’ and peers’ request to give KYC data, being Bisq a no-KYC exchange.
You can politely tell your bank that the person sending you money is the rightful owner of the money they are sending you, as far as you know, and that they do not intend to provide such data as it is also not pertinent to the transfer.
It might happen you won’t be able to receive the money, at which point the trade would go to dispute, and you could end up paying a certain amount of penalty, even if the situation is not your fault, because the liability of the payment method lies on the trader using said method… I’m sorry this is happening to you, this is but one occasion where banks like to force their way on other people’s money. Hopefully this is a problem bitcoin will solve.

Thank you for your advice. Im afraid that they flag the tx for the government AML and antiterrorist department. Don’t know what to expect next.

How much was he sending you? (approximately)

315 euro or something like that.

OK. I was just curious whether the tx was flagged because the amount was too high

Did you have this issue with Wise? I confirmed name and country once without the date of birth and it was accepted…

No. I have never used Wise.

This is a very small amount I would say, for once it’s surprising they go after such sums, and secondly I suppose you didn’t end up in any special list of observed individuals because of 315€ :smiley:

I was asked to fill a form ALM few weeks ago when I was logging in. They asked me if I have any crypto and what is my income. Also some questions if I don’t have any dealings with syria and some other countries. I guess SEPA is burned for me. Hope it will not go any further.

It would be interesting to know which bank that is, as probably people would like to know where NOT to place their money, but I understand this would mean doxxing yourself


I believe santander has been named on these parts at least another time, so people, don’t use santander for Bisq, or maybe ever, it’s your own money and you deserve to be treated better than this

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