Serious problem buying BTC on Bisq


I accept an offer to buy btc using National Bank on Brazil. There are two things that is strange on this order.

1- The account has no payment account age.

2- For National Bank transfer is not possible create an account without CPF field as you can see here.

But the order I accepted, the CPF field is empty, so I can’t transfer the money.

I don’t know what to do. Hope someone helps me here. Thanks.

EDIT by Manfred: I removed the images as they contained private data

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In my opinion, it’s a serious bug that Bisq allowed someone to create an account with an empty field where empty is not allowed.

I’m thinking about what to do,
but as a first rule, you should avoid posting pictures with private information on the forum.
So please mask the concerned field(s).

Open a dispute with cmd+o.
Maybe the users used a very old version or he used the API (not tested, not finished software) or he tried to edit the software… That the account age is not visible could be from bad network connectivity so that his data did not get broadcast well.

Please mark names and account nr black to protect users privacy!

Ok, opened a dispute and added the informations. Thanks.

If an user place an order using an old version that in some way is incompatible with newer versions of Bisq, I think Bisq software should notify users about the situation before someone accept the offer.
Something like this: This offer has an empty field that in newer versions of Bisq, the imput is mandatory.

I am not sure if that is possible to implement without your Bisq client somehow not knowing what that field says before taking the offer.