Serious problems with v0.4.9.5! Caution adviced!

I have been using v0.4.9.4 since its release and updated today to v0.4.9.5 only to discover upon restarting BitSquare that my Reserved balance had been reduced!

Here is a screenshot of balances in v0.4.9.4 prior to the update:

and here is the balances after updating to v0.4.9.5:

Ouch! 1.56 BTC less… I checked the cumulative balances from the spreadsheet available under Transactions. It adds up to 2.3458 BTC which is exactly the sum of the Available and Reserved balances in v0.4.9.4. The cumulative sum in Transactions was the same in v0.4.9.4 and v0.4.9.5.

Somehow v0.4.9.5 seems to not know about some of my active Offers (was there not another thread about this?). So, I assume this bug probably didn’t actually loose funds but that there is an issue with tracking own offers etc.

I have now reverted back to v0.4.9.4, using a backup of my BitSquare data folder I made before updating to v0.4.9.5. The balance are now correct again.

@ManfredKarrer Let me know if there is any debugging information you would like to see.

There seem to be a bug. But no worry it is a UI display bug, the actual BTC are still in your wallet. You can also check the total available balance (reserved included) when you open the emergency withdrawal tool by clicking cmd+e (or ctrl+e). There it should display the sum of available + reserved.
I will PM u for further assistence.

I found the bug.
As expected the funds are still there but they don’t get displayed correctly.

I used in the development branch for a while a new algorithm for the offer ID creation but reverted that later. Some testers or users who have compiled from source code of the development branch created offers in that time and those offers are incompatible with the deployed version.
That invalid offer ID format caused an issues that the selection of the transaction outputs is not correct and so not dislaying the correct balance.
That might be only affected by 1 offer/trade in your open trades/offers so others will work correctly.

As I saw about 30 offers in the offer book which have been created with that invalid ID format I need to deploy a new release with a fix for that.

That is also probably (not checked yet…) the reason for duplicated trade statistics objects.

I will also revert a change in the P2P network which made message delivery less reliable.

As soon the new release is out (hopefully tonight) please update asap.

Danm… too much work for vacations :slight_smile:

You have my sympathies.

Lesson learned: Don’t release a new version before going on vacation…

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Reverting back to old versions is not recommended. There might be data base changes which are only compatible in forward direction. I did not test rollback scenarios…

Its a 5 weeks break so I did nto want to let users wait so long for the inverted altcoin price notation…