Set up full custom node

I have a bitcoin core full node running on my local network on a ubuntu machine how can I get the bisq client to connect to it and use it as the sole validation of bitcoin transactions?

Does this prohibit tor use?

Right now I have it set to custom node - []:8333

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If you already wrote it’s IP address in the Settings->Network info under “Use custom Bitcoin Core nodes” and checked the “Use custom Bitcoin Core nodes” and unchecked “Use Tor for Bitcoin network”, that is all you needed to do. If it is the only one that shows up under “Connected peers”, then it is working properly.

Well you can’t use Tor for connecting to Bitcoin nodes on the local network, unless you either forward your ports to it and give Bisq your public IP address or setup a hidden service on your Bitcoin Core node (read method 2 here and place your onion address as a custom node.

Tor is always used for connecting to other Bisq nodes on the network, since Bisq can not work without Tor.


This is a great thread. I was confused also. I am not the most technical, but I am learning.
I entered the onion address with port of my node into the “use custom bitcoin core node” section.
Would I still uncheck the “Use Tor for Bitcoin Network” button? If I do, why is that? I am trying to use tor for privacy. Thanks!

For more reference:

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Keep that “Use Tor for Bitcoin Network” Button checked!

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