Set up , How to with Tor Bridges

Im not sure how to get the software to set up. Im stuck on the Bridges part.

Fortunately I never needed to setup a Tor bridge, but I am pretty sure you just need to follow the mentioned link and get the IP and port of some bridge and insert it into that last textbox.

Im in CA an not sure why I need a briddge. In Bisq set up I choose to not use Bridges and then this screen pops up showing me a bridge. Not sure how to get past this set up ??

Tor should be accessible without bridges in USA, as far as I am aware. If you can’t check “Don’t use bridges” and close the screen, then it might be a bug or perhaps this is what the app does by default when it can’t reach the Tor network.

Would you please download the Tor browser and check if you can get a connection to the Internet with it?
If you can’t then your Tor network is blocked and since you live in USA it is probably your firewall or something on your end.

It shows that screen if the connection failed using regular Tor without bridges, so maybe bad network?
Does Tor Browser work for you?

Yes then it is prob. just bad connection or you have a very restrictive firewall/provider… Just try again.