Setting up exchange using bitsquare

I want to start a Trading Exchange in India can someone from bitsquare help me with the setup and cost associated with it… i want the users should have the ability to have a separate wallet for them and trade as per their wish.

If you wish to create a legal independent central exchange in India, then this is probably not a right place to ask for help. However, you can simply post sell and buy offers on bitsquare for your country’s local currency and become a recognizable trader in that area. There might be a reputation system added to bitsquare in the future, so other traders could be able to see that you are a reputable trader as well.


Hey :slight_smile: I’m not sure 100% what you want to do, could you explain more what you want to do? Bitsquare dose have separate wallet inside the program, and then you move coins from it to trade

i want to setup a platform to buy and sell bitcoins where clients will login to my website or mobile app and deposit indian currency and other supported funding methods and will take bitcoin in return. I need a full fledged system where the process is automated like this website

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That is one impressive exchange, thanks for the link and of best success!!

I have to agree with Alex, Bitsquare doesn’t use payment processors directly and generally is very different from a centralized exchange so not much help here.
I assume the costs would be for a some programmers and security guys+ legal advice= possibly a few hundred thousand dollars? Maybe much less?.
I did a little google on “how to open/start/create a bitcoin exchange” and this was one of the first results: