Settings > Preferences > "Ignore peers with onion address" (Need info)

I am wondering about the particulars of how this preference works. I have a recent trade partner whom I would rather not trade with again in the future. If I add their onion address to this “Ignore peers” list in my Bisq settings, what will their experience be? Will they see my future offers and not be able to accept them? Will my offers be greyed out for them? Are the invisible to them? Do my offers appear normal but return an error dialog when they attempt to accept my offer? Maybe something like “This user does not want to trade with you.” Any details about how this preference works would be helpful. Thanks!


Looking at this comment

It seems that they’ll still see your offer but get an error when trying to take it. And you’ll get a message saying that the peer that tried to take it couldn’t because you’ve blacklisted them.

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Ok, cool. Thanks for the info. So I guess they will most probably understand that I am blocking them from accepting the offer. I suppose I was hoping that it would be more like a shadow-ban and they would simply not see my offers anymore. The trader in question, they’re not a scammer or anything as bad as that, but they seem to always be late in sending payment. The trade duration, eight days for money-order-by-mail, tends to expire before payment is received… dispute is opened… then payment arrives. Its just a hassle so I am wanting to ghost them. Oh well, I guess I’m going to do it anyway. Thanks again!

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By the way, how does ignoring that peer’s onion address work? I mean, these are tor exit relays, and can be easily changed. For example, each time I shut down and restart bisq, am I not getting a new onion address?

So, let’s say Bob is some malicious peer, and I ignore his current onion address. But the next time Bob might get another onion address and continue his malicious activity, and I might fell to his deception again – isn’t that possible?

From what I understand your onion address should remain the same. I believe it is set somewhere in your data folder, so as long as you keep your data folder maintained you should always have the same onion address. Mine is always the same … and I know that at least all the arbitrators have a permanent onion address that they are known by. So, technically, a bad actor can create a new identity by deleting their data folder… which is pretty simple to do if they don’t mind losing their trade histories.

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The onion address is stored in the Bisq directory along with other properties. You can however get a new one by creating a new directory.

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As said by Huey, it changes if you delete or rename your data directory, but if you don’t touch your data directory your onion address will remain unchanged.

Of course, a malicious user can change his onion address.
That’s why it’s recommended to trade carefully, eg trade with peers you know from successful past trades
being honest.
Bisq is developing some reputation/signature features but that will need some time.
Some other advices → Same onion address, different people - #22 by Homard

One great way to trade safe is to trade crypto/BTC. There you are in a safe environment :slightly_smiling_face:

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Didn’t know that.

Makes, sense. Thanks for clearing this up for me.

I forgot to say that you can see your onion address in the Settings/Network Info tab
Take notice of it, and you’ll see that it doesn’t change.

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