Should I open support ticket if seller is not accepted in my Transferwise?

Hello, I started using Bisq lately and I loved it so far, but the long time of trades with locking securities has a significant cost especially if you are trying to buy at a dip!

I made my first offer, and the Transferwise borderless account which I use to pay SEPA is rejecting the seller that took my trade!

So I can’t send the money and I don’t want to waste the seller’s time either, but he is not responding to my chat messages!

Should I open support ticket? how would that go in this case?

Yes, open mediation with ctrl+O.
Being fast to reply and diligent to solve issues you might find is very important for all, and not being able to pay is an issue that really needs mediator’s attention.

You also have Keybase for support and doubts. Keybase

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