Should I use "ctrl-o" to open a "dispute" if the payment reference doesn't match?

I am selling some BTC and the buyer has sent me the payment. Everything is correct except the code in the “Reason for payment” is off by one character. It looks like it’s probably just a typo, but presumably I should go through the arbitration process anyway?

There is 1.5 days left until the timer runs out, at which point the arbitrator will get involved, but I’m aware that I can press “ctrl-o” to call the arbitrator earlier than this. However when I do so, I am told: ‘Please use that only in emergency case if you don’t get displayed a “Open support” or “Open dispute” button’. I wouldn’t exactly call this an “emergency” and I don’t have either of those buttons available, so by the letter of this rule I shouldn’t use ctrl-o. But since the arbitrator is going to have to get involved anyway, is there any reason to delay?

Alternatively, perhaps I should just accept that it’s just a typo and confirm the payment?


Ultimately it is your choice. It is your risk that you are not being sent money from a scam victim account. But it sounds like a reasonable mistake to me. You can just go with the trade or wait for the timer to run out. Either way, you are not at any fault here and you probably have nothing to worry about :slight_smile:

I have a follow up question. What if trader puts in BTC or BITCOIN as a reference deliberately or just because? Will there be a dispute opened up, SHOULD the trader open up a dispute?
Shouldnt there be a penalty implemented for this?

Yes. That is also against the rules and could also lead to bank accounts frozen or even harassment from the authorities. You should open a dispute for that as well.

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Thanks for your help. I decided to let the timer expire and go through arbitration. Lets see how it resolves in the end…

That sounds like a typo. I would just go on but up to you. You can open a dispute by cmd+o as the peer has made a mistake. But I recommend just to continue the trade.

Yes that is clearly stated and not allowed. Open a dispute (cmd+o).

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Ok I’ll just go ahead if a similar slight error pops up in future! I wonder if the wording about how you should only use ctrl-o in emergencies should be adjusted though.

(In case the arbitrator who sorted it out for me is reading this: The error wasn’t only capitalization differences. There was also one completely incorrect character.). Thanks everyone for all your help!

“It is your risk that you are not being sent money from a scam victim account.”

Does that really matter ?
A SEPA transfer can’t be reversed right ?

It matters if the victim files a report to police thinking you are the scammer and the bank freezes your account.

These are banks we are talking about, they can do whatever they want with your money.

When I read your last sentence I laughed so hard that I cried - or was it the other way around, I don’t remember now - but anyway, thanks for the laugh (and the info) :slight_smile:

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