2-Factor phone call

Lets say the name in a SEPA transfer identifies a person or a company, that has a public listed telephone number, and you are a little worried and unsure about the possible complications of dealing with a scammer as described in the posts:

And, lets say you have done some trades with that person or company and it seems likely that you are going to do more.

Is there anything wrong with calling up that person or company from a hidden number and confirm that they are aware of what they are doing, before you go ahead with more trades ?

As I see it, you don’t really exchange any more personal information (well the voiceprint, but let’s get down to earth here).
Or am I missing something ?

That might be responsible thing to do, however perhaps someone really is worried about wiretapped phones and what not. Maybe calling them up for some contact details that are private like a PGP key and an email address is a better way of dealing with these things.

Other then that, I see it as a nice thing to do, to notify someone of something they might not know about. I would suggest however that you don’t really ask them questions, like “did you know this is happening?” as they might get paranoid that you are a police agent, but notifying them seems fine to me, as long as you don’t spam them.

Yea, I called a few times because I’m paranoid, but I guess he was to paranoid to answer the phone - a little hard to coordinate things under these circumstances, he he.
But I really had mixed feelings about intruding like that without being asked.
The problem is that the only guy that wants that phone call is not going to ask because he doesn’t even know that he’s buying a bunch of bitcoins.
A complicated subject when you think about it, don’t think I will be making any more phone calls…thanks for replying.