Should sellers of BTC with SEPA accounts be able to accept BUY offers from Wise account holders?

Would it be desirable for offers to buy BTC with Payment method “Transferwise” to show up on the Sell-BTC-for-fiat screen of seller with SEPA account (since Wise account holder can pay with euros.)?

Maybe SEPA account holders could signify whether they are willing to accept trades from Wise account holders in Account > National Currency Account > Accept trades from Wise (in the same way that SEPA account holders have the option to tick which country or currency they are willing to accept trades from.)

(Conversely, takers with Wise account could “Buy BTC with fiat” from sellers with SEPA account.)

I am posting this thread to see if there is any interest for such option.

Note: obviously, the above suggestion is duplicable for other Payment methods, e.g. CHF account holders, since Wise’s account holders can pay into many currencies; yet the motivation for this suggestion is to facilitate trades for holders of accounts or currencies with little or no trade volume i.e. for holders of currencies with little trade volume to access markets, e.g. euros, with higher volume.