Should we remove DOGE as base currency in next release?

From all the 3 alternative base currencies DOGE did get the least attention. There are zero trades and offers and we also did not get any response from their community.
Supporting a base currency has some costs by running a seed node and providing an arbitrator. I am considering to remove DOGE as base currency in the next release.
Any counter arguments?


I think there is a case to be made to keep DOGE as a base currency even if it is not used very much, the reason being that a robust, decentralized exchange should be able to fall back to an alternative cryptocurrency in the event of a disastrous failure of bitcoin.

Maintaining multiple fallback cryptos obviously makes bisq more capable of weathering a “disaster”. More the better, unless this theoretical benefit is outweighed by the efforts of maintain it.

From the sound of it, the effort to maintain DOGE support is major (running seed node etc).

I would suggest to not support DOGE actively, but put DOGE support in a “sleep mode”, so that support could quickly be added if the need arise. This versus dropping all support for DOGE as base currency permanently.

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Yes that was actually planned to just deactivate DOGE from the selection in the base currency selector. Code stays and if we have a reason we can activate it again even without a release (by prog arg you can set the base currency). Just would require to fire up a seed and arbitrator.
It is not “not used very much” it is used not at all ;-). Zero trades, zero offers.

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Kill it.
I wasn’t even very happy supporting multiple base currencies (I understood that the apocaliptic post-segwit scenario was a good point to have multiple base currencies). Now I don’t feel any need need to support Doge, specially if there’s no use of it.

If the disaster was a fork (which is pretty easy to preview it in advance), then altcoins can be useful. If the disaster is a misfunction of Bitcoin, an altcoin like Doge, a Bitcoin fork, it’s not an alternative.


I agree with in-cred-u-lous. That is the best use or resources at this time.

I think altcoins as alternative base coins are good to have as a possibility. For a start, BTC is the most-trusted and is rightly the default case, so it’s good to not spend too many resources on alts. But even BTC has shortcomings, e.g. when it comes to scaling (as can be seen with quickly rising tx fees atm). There might be a time when a new coin is better suited as a base currency.
Really good to see that there’s a framework in place for even the worst-case events.

Just my 2 cents worth…

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I don’t like DOGE very much and agree that keep it as base currency is not good.
But Bisq need some more to be stable in case of disaster.
I suggest to use Eth or Dash, better both.

I support ditching it. Unfortunately, the best base currency to add would also be the hardest, Monero. I’d love to see it post multi-sig implementation though. Just my .02 satoshi’s

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I just realized that DOGE was removed as I was revisiting Bisq by installing 0.6.0.

However, it should be easy to re-introduce DOGE as a base currency once it stabilizes on the markets.

In the mean time I am finding my first-try sell order stuck (due to missing seed node?). Any chance to get those funds back? Or should I just leave my DOGE until it’s re-introduced as a base currency?

I’m back to running 0.5.3, so I can at least watch my funds:).

Your security deposit and your trade amount never left your wallet. Other then the fee all of those coins are still controlled by you. As long as you don’t lose your wallet or have the seed words and date, your money is safe.
You can always export your private keys in case of emergency.

There are no plans to re-introduce DOGE as far as I know, due to low trade activity, so you would be better off just doing your trade on the BTC network.

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A thousand thanks for your helpful explanation. Found the private keys and they checked out fine.