Show all trades that happened on bitsquare


Is it possible to see all trades history that happened on bitsquare?
Ex: I would like to know if someone already traded BTC/BRL on bitsquare.

BTC/BRL has been traded on bitsquare.

Your own trades can be followed under portfolio/history but I don’t think other peoples trades should be listed.

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Yes, it was me that traded bitcoins with Lucas.
What I would like too see is, other people trades. Hope bitsquare implement this.


Could you give us the info why you want to know that. Maybe we can help in an other way. rgds


It’s just curiosity. If is possible to share this information, why not?


I don’t think showing any kind of trade history publicly is a good idea, because of potential privacy/traceability issues. however I think we could show the whole volume traded for each currency pair, or at least a rounded figure, e.g. 1000€+

The topic of publishing last prices like an exchange we all know is being discussed.
Bitsquare was created as an p2p network, so interacting parties regaining their privacy. Identifying personal data and trade data like price and volume are property of the interacting parties.

As soon a developer takes that taks it can be quite easily implemented. All is needed is to run a client like the seed node and dump the public data to a batabase and make that accessible via APIs for webpages.

Bitsquare’s privacy model does not rely on any privileged access to data.
All data is either completely public (like offers) or completely private. There might be some issues which need improvements in the future like the onion address is currently always fixed and the ID in Bitsquare. We could add later a feature to renew the onion address and with that you get disconnected from your old history (offers) if you want that.

The trade data is encrypted and sent only to the peer, so it is not accessible.

The blockchain is another source of data. A offer has the offer fee tx in the public data and with that you can monitor if and when the offer gets taken (multisig gets created). The structure of the Bitsquare trade transactions are identifyable as they are like a fingerprint. But as long you don’t link your addresss to a real life ID you are private.
When you use the savingswallet option instead of the tradingwallet option when funding a offfer you lose some privacy as your trades get connected on the blockchain.
CoinJoin or maybe a solution with an atomic crosschain exchange with Monero will be the only way to get rid of those blockchain related privacy issues.
If you isolate each trade by funding it from an external wallet and u keep care that your coins not get mixed up in that external wallet you are fine as well.
But at the end its a complex and difficult topic. Integrated CoinJoin will be prob. the best way to deal with that.

The onion address can be used as a weak form of reputation as it is already with the icons. When there is a green ring it means that you have already traded with that peer, signaling a sort of reputation. But as said its weak and should not be considered as security tool. It might get developed to something more but no clear plan yet.

Historical statisctics/prices will be added as well later to the app, but not hi-prio on the roadmap.

A Bitsquare price ticker will become interesting once we have sufficient volume.

Thanks for the elaborated answer.

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“A Bitsquare price ticker will become interesting.”, oh yeah, we will rock the world very soon!