Shutting down PC before seller confirms receipt of funds

Hello, I’ve just transferred funds to a trusted peer that I’ve bought from several times before. There still wasn’t confirmation in even a single node before I went to bed so I left it running overnight.
This morning it had confirmed, so I sent the funds to the seller. It wasn’t until I’d sent the funds that I saw a note from him saying he would not be able to confirm the trade for another 10 hours due to work.

In about three hours from now I’m going away for four days and I don’t want to take my computer, or leave it running for four days while I’m away either. In this situation is it safe to shut it down and then restart Bisq when I get back? If in the meantime the seller confirms the trade (which I trust he will), will Bisq show all this when I start it up again?

Many thanks.

Hi, bungaroosh. As far as I know you don’t have to keep running bisq in your computer after the trade has been accepted. I usually turn it off and only turn it on after receiving funds in my bank account to confirm payment. When you restart you will see all the pops up pending. Sometimes you get the “refresh your trade” message and shortly after the confirm payment button will turn green. Hope this help.

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Thanks bisqlover.
I’ve transferrred funds already and clicked the button to say “Payment Sent” or whatever the wording is. It’s now at the stage of “Message of payment sent but not yet received by peer”. Just needs the seller to confirm he’s received funds, but as Bisq is decentralised, I wonder what happens if my computer is shut down …

I may have to set up Teamviewer to sort it out later tonight …

I think nothing will happen. In ten hours the seller(he told you so) will confirm payment received and you will be able to claim your btc and your deposit as soon as you restart your computer.

Thanks again.
There will be someone at home who can sit at the computer while I do things via TeamViewer. Once I see it’s all worked OK I’ll be able to forget about it and get on with my weekend without it rattling around in the back of my mind …!

@bisqlover Is correct, Bisq only needs to be open when taking an offer or making an offer/waiting to have your offer taken.

Also, connection needs to remain open when YOU broadcast any transactions etc. If your computer were to crash mid process like clicking on “Payment started” etc then you could run into troubles.

But considering what you’ve said above, it’ll work out just fine.

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Just let me point that as a seller, some payment methods like Revolut would need the seller to be alert that the buyer is able to proceed to the payment, so you should not completely forget about the trade.

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