Siafund liquidity improvement on Bisq

As the only exchange trading siafunds, Bisq could benefit by the solving of the current liquidity problem…

Comments on GitHub would be most useful but comments here are better than no comment :slightly_smiling_face:

From the GitHub link…

While the vast majority of siafunds are held by Sia with no plans to ever sell them, early supporters of the Sia project were rewarded with siafunds too. At the current price of around 3 BTC (around US$10,000) the asset is available only to large investors, a restriction the crypto space is supposed to be freeing us from.

A simple change from non divisible 1SF to a divisible 1.0000SF would allow people to buy and sell as little as US$1 worth at current prices. Even a 10x or 100x increase would still make it accessible to the vast majority of project supporters while avoiding confusion with siacoins. I’m sure many small buyers in the recent FileCoin ICO would have been far better served had siafunds been affordable to them as an alternative.

The issue is becoming more urgent as, the only exchange that trades siafunds, has stated that the current trade risk is problematic and getting worse due to unit price, and that divisibility is their preferred solution and one that at first glance doesn’t appear to be technically complicated or time consuming.

Could this be implemented before or during the currently listed project, Blockchain Escrow for SC <-> SF Transactions?

For those wanting more background information on siafunds, check the wiki at