Siafund questions

I read that Siafund will be added for the next release. That’s great, but then something occurred to me: Siafund has typically been traded between 2 and 3 BTC. The max amount of altcoins that can be traded through BitSquare is, however, 2 BTC. Siafunds can only be traded in units of 1 (i.e. you can trade 1 or 2 SF, but not 0.5 or 1.5 SF). Thus, it seems the maximum order size on Bitsquare will be below the minimum amount of SF that can be exchanged. So, unless you are forcing everyone to pay 2 BTC for 1 SF, what changes have or will you make to permit Siafund trading through the Bitsquare platform?

Altcoin trade limits are raised to 3 BTC as well. Puh that high price per share is not a good idea. They should change that before its too late…

All Siafunds (10,000) were sold in an ICO a long time ago. No more SFs are being generated. As I said, prices have previously ranged between 2 and 3 BTC. Only the market will decide where price goes next. My guess is that with the ease of trading, the price may still go up and the 3 BTC limit will be hit. In order for SFs to be traded without restrictions on Bitsquare then, the trade limit should in my view be raised even more, perhaps to 5 BTC. Maybe this could be done for SFs only?

We will raise the tradelimits for altcoins further, but I don’t want to do that too fast to limit risks. But for now it should be ok. Maybe SF find a way how to apply fractions to their value in the meantime, I think thats a major flaw and will limit their oppurtunities. Not too many will invest such relatively high amounts. Even big companies split their shares to get cheap prices again…

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