Slimmer Backup Size

I was encrypting my backup folder and realized there’s a blank/silence 4min audio file (.aiff) that’s 42MB!

I don’t like to sound ungrateful but seeing such thing I wonder how optimized Bisq code is.

@Bokehman Hey, that file is there to fix an issue where the OS goes in standby mode causing problems with Bisq. As far I as i know it’s a temporary fix and is being looked into -->


I know it’s a temporary fix. But like I said, 42MB, really?

Bisq is a resource hog (drains my laptop battery like the defunct Adobe Flash). Seeing a 42MB audio blank file makes me question how poorly optimized Bisq must be.

On Github developer @wiz offered to develop Bisq using Rust instead of nasty Java. Maybe there is hope there.

@Bokehman Yep i totally understand! It is being looked into and i know it uses tons of memory on certain linux distros. It’s an open source project and we need more developers, certain things fall out of priority as others take over. Let’s hope we see more contributors in the future :smiley:

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