Small GUI improvements

I have two minor suggestions:

  1. there are different currency selectors in Market, Buy BTC, Sell BTC. It would be nice if the currency selector would be in the top menu for all together. Then there would be no need to newly select the currency each time the dialog is changed. Maybe the Market Price Dropdown could be used for this. If not a new selector left to it would be good also. If both is not accepted then it would be good to synchronize the selection of all dialogs

  2. In Portfolio-> History all trades are listed with their status. But as soon as there was a ticket to the trade the status is finally always “Ticket closed”. Then it is not visible anymore if the trade has been executed or canceled. I suggest to use two different states for this: “Completed (Ticket)” or “Canceled (Ticket)”

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Thanks! Will consider those changes for future updates.