Smart contracts

Hello. Do you support transactions sent from smart contracts? If not, do you plan to implement support of such transactions and when?

Bisq doesn’t deal with fiat or altcoins. It only implements the use of the base currency which is Bitcoin by default, but can be changed to Litecoin or Dash.
As far as I know, there is no smart contracts in Bitcoin and Litecoin, not in general sense and I am unsure about Dash.

As for the altcoin (or fiat for that matter), buyer (of base currency) will be provided with information where to send the altcoin and as far as the other trader confirms it, it is of no concern to Bisq where the funds come from, whether it was from a smart contract or a regular address.

So as I understand, you don’t support ETH either?

Not as a base currency, but you can buy ETH or sell ETH for BTC,LTC or Dash in Bisq.

I see. Thanks.