Smear campaign against Bisq

I just saw comparison of exchanges on Bitcoin wiki, it is all well and good there, but they have a link at the top of the page to the cryptocompare website.

Now I remember that Bisq was at the top in user reviews there couple of months back, but 3 months ago it seems like someone started a smear campaign against it.

Reviews call it a scam, that users can’t withdraw their funds (impossible since they have the private keys). They say that support doesn’t answer or gives automated responses (someone didn’t do their homework and saw that we only have support on the forum and everyone gets an answer).

Some people complained that they can’t withdraw their ETH. Bisq doesn’t even have an ETH wallet.

Now I really wouldn’t recommend scrolling too much down if you are passionate about open source projects, like I am. It can get quite heart-wrenching to see what centralized giants will do to their good-willed open source competition. There is no doubt that even though we are giving this software for free and even though the whole purpose of the project is to protect people’s right to privacy and security, that they still want to destroy us so badly.

Spam reviews seem endless, so it can feel hopeless, but let’s at least give few good feedbacks there for Bisq now that the smear campaign seems like it moved somewhere else. There are still genuine users there that give us positive reviews and we should be there for them to let their voices be heard.


Would be fun to investigate to which exchanges the smear campaign was targeted. If there is one missing, that might be the originator ;-). Such poor quality smear campaign, where they don’t have any clue about the project is likely done by a small exchange wanting to get higher in the ranking. Date correlations should help as well.
Sad to see how humans behave if they cannot be held responsible ;-(.

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i anticipate bisq continuing to rise in popularity given it’s immunity to KYC as local bitcoins slowly falls as an essentially centralized service

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Maybe they’re on reddit too. You see FUD being spread every time a thread goes frontpage.
Anyway, maybe it’s legit though.

There is a cryptocompare link on .

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