Sneak preview: New Bisq logo

Stay tuned, soon we will start our rebranding of the webpage.
Hope you like it :wink:


I like it :smiley:
Any reason behind the cat?

Not really… but a cool animal IMO…

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I agree :smiley:

Not convinced. The cat dominates over “bisq” which is the opposite of what you want. Furthermore, I see no connection between the cat and “bisq”. Hence, the cat by it self is unlikely to conjure up any association with “bisq” or a decentralized bitcoin exchange for that matter.

I am far from a brand specialist, but I would reconsider if I was you.

Thanks for the input. I am also not 100% happy with it. But we spend 3 months and a lot of money now on it and its the best what we came up with. There have been 10-20 people involved and most opted for that, though with design stuff u never get all, taste is different.
We also wanted to differentiate us from usual blockchain like logos. 99% of the blockchain projects have some similar style, elements (like our current logo with connected dots). That is all very over-used, so that was one reason for going with something different.

Cat’s can moved without being heard, that’s analogy to the privacy on Bisq :slight_smile:


Yes, cats cannot be easily compromised as well :wink:


Do we have a link to an SVG file for the bisq logo? I’m thinking about making a sticker for my laptop cover.


Ah nice! If you offer the stickers, let me know or post it here!
Here are png files. I don’t have svg atm.

Initially we considered to use all lower case, that in the BIP was left form that time. the graphical logo just looks better with the b and q in lower case IMO, but maybe once we have a dedicated designer we make an overhaul of all our design… I ma just too busty to keep working on that, lost so much time already on that rebranding… But thanks for pointing out. We will consider…

New Logo Proposal for Bisq Logo

We would be glad to help :slight_smile:

b + :cat2: = :arrow_up: