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Hello! Everyone,

We are looking to learn more about what Bitsquare users are most interested, what features they need the most and how we can improve and create a better experience for cryptocurrency users, like you an I! :slight_smile:

Please take a couple of minutes to take this beautiful survey that we just put together, and tell us a little bit more about what you are looking for.

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The time for decentralized exchanges is coming. Lets make Bitsquare number one.

As a retired English tutor, I don’t hesitate to say that the prose of the site requires extensive editing. There are numerous phrases that are not all clear, but need to be sort of ‘translated.’. IndiaMikeZulu sees Bitsquare as The Future. We are v. excited about it. So we want it to tackle and overcome this user-unfriendliness problem.


Interesting, thank you for that freedback, I’ll keep an eye out for that and make a note of it.

Are you interested in getting involved and helping us improve the delivery throughout the site?

I’ll take what I can get. Links in particular would be useful.


Pretty cool to have my criticism taken positively, Juan. I personally am truly twilight: half-blind. Will put a couple of suggestions here, but can’t manage much more; but here’s an overall suggestion (from my experience as a technical-writing tutor):

experts who construct things, like an essay or a decentralised exchange, tend to see what they’re writing from their own perspective – THAT OF THE GUY WHO ALREADY UNDERSTANDS. I’ve had oodles of experience with this: you’re reading over Really Clever Guy’s report with him. You say, ‘Hmmm . . . this sentence is unclear.’ He says,‘It’s clear to me!’ You say, ‘Well, the string of English letters that I see before me is not clear. You are sort of ‘adding in’ some of your own knowledge, But I’m not you (the author). I’m the reader. I don’t have your addded-in knowledge.’

Indeed, Juan, the NLP guys speak of a ‘meta-perspective’ (‘Walk a mile in another person’s shoes’) whereby you consciously practice taking other perspectives. In this case, it’s the author managing to ‘not add in’ any knowledge as she is reviewing her own work. Dang, overall, it’s a really difficult skill to learn; but you can learn it.

[Any students here? Ever tried this exercise: take a half hour off after you’ve finished a final draft of an essay. Then read your own text aloud to yourself. You have taken a step towards life-wisdom if you find yourself stopping and saying, ‘Say what? Did I write that sentence? Gee, it’s not clear at all!’]

Great feedback, thank you! I’ll definitely try that. I’d almost given up on editing my own articles to the near perfection I’d prefer. Its quite hard to do it when you are the author as well.

I’ll have to try that out!

Also, yeah I get what you are saying perfectly. Like I said to a friend recently. Once you go down those tecky rabbit holes, you begin to forget what the green pastures looked like.

The good news is I have not goon too deep, so maybe I can help with this. I’ll add it to the queue.


Bitsquare is so counter-intuitive that I am, at this point, taking a break from it, while I consider whether to simply abandon it.

The interface you mean? Is there an example you can give us of an implementatino that is not countery intuitive?

Morning, Juan. Poloniex.

I wish you guys well; but I feel about the site as ycepgoav feels about the whitepaper:

‘It gives me the impression that it was written by a 14 year old kid.’

A more professional and technical white paper. Gotcha.

Thank you for the feedback. :slight_smile:

I enjoy forums where the hard issues are addressed. A place where technical help is easy to find is always a big plus. And most importantly a place where visions of a better future are always being bantered about. I will check in when I can to see how the forum develops.

i think i first heard about bitsquare when i saw a video presentation from manfred. i was impressed.
i havnt read the whitepaper but the complaint itself felt like it was written by a 14 year old, and IMZ atttitude is simialar too. wise up.
as an app to buy btc with fiat it works very well (oh yeah and its open source and multiplatform)

it clicked for me when i understood how tlsnotary works to prove the person did infact send or recieve fiat. this gave me confidence to use. aslo im also slightly familiar with Multisig. this is key to understanding/trusting the system as well as the refundable deposits and arbitrator system.

bitquare needs improvements like all apps…the pricing display of altcoins is doing my head in though, when compared to pricing you see on poloniex.

bitsquare need more people using it, which should improve in time.
a prime target audience i think would sellers on localbitcoins. what kind of fees to sellers have there, how can we attract them to this p2p system?

to get better prices for sellers and to attract more to bitsquare, when making a %/variable offer, it should be ABOVE the market price not less. or make it easier to flip it/make it a negative %.

if you want to have the privacy this should cost you a bit more, not a bit less.
for non LBC sources…normally in AUD we pay a fair bit more than market price for buying bitcoin, as well as giving them stool sample and pets names and numbers.
i was going to buy some BTC with with cardless cash atm on LocalBitCoins for the first time. but how can i prove that i didnt remove the money myself from the atm? the guy had great reputation, but i decided against it for now. i trusted bitsquare more.

sorry spelling alchohol.

also thanks for developing a legit tor app. :slight_smile: