So who else is excited about the DAO Genesis Block?

I know I am! Anyone planning on buying any as soon as they are listed? or see things play out for a few days to get a sense of market price forming. I know it’s definitely not an ICO but I’m also guessing traders may want to stock up to have cheap trades for the long term and others for speculative reasons. What are your opinions and plans?

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I am, too.
I’m excited how the tokens are distributed. We will see how volatil the listing starts, but I’m buying some more when it seems cheap.
I’m not here because of the money, I want to be part of the DAO with a vote and see how this model works.

When is the distribution date? And, has any other exchange indicated they will list DAO?

Date is not announced yet but expected to be in September. I doubt it and it would be silly to buy on another exchange, the DAO Bisq wallet looks great!. I think it’s good that potential buyers will have to install the software and learn how it works and will hopefully continue to use it as well as be part of the DAO.

I plan to purchase some!

Me too :slight_smile:This DAO launch is much more relaxed and unhyped than all those crazy vaporware ICO’s. To my mind, this and siafunds are the only DAO’s worth owning. Ethereum cookie cutter projects (a distributed computing platform, not a hard currency) has a massive attack surface compared to bitcoin and monero. The first Ethereum DAO failure won’t be the last. Will they fork their chain agan everytime it happens? :slight_smile:

Sorry guys for the lack of updates… I am on holiday and there are some changes in our initial plans regarding the DAO launch. We will announce in a few weeks once our plans has been settled…

Oh oh. Did you drink too many margaritas and blow the Bisq DAO funds in the casino??? :slight_smile:

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