Social element of DAO

There is already a small social element to the DAO. This will be the first thing to increase as the amount of Bisq users increases. It could really be a great way to decentralize Bisq as well. Just riffing. -ÆJT

Hey I just had an idea about some cool shit.

Ok so, what if users could make Bisq UI themes easily customizable to promote redesigns, like the original Napster.exe > with winamp-style customizable UI > built like the Apple App Store. Say I wanted to do a “Long Night Is Coming” custom version UI redesign…
I could make an offer to sell this UI theme to other users… inside of Bisq’s in-app-store.

Purchasing in app swag with BSQ.

Bisq: The Fort Nite of Finance.

Its a joke, but used for a serious reference.