Solved - Arbitrator not responding

I have a trade pending, and arbitrator is not releasing the funds although I provided proof that I held my part of the trade.
Any advise what to do ?

arbitrator is

You should have received a msg at the Support screen. If not PM me your trade ID.

no message in Support Screen.
And after spending 10 minutes in the forum GUI, I still have no idea how to send a PM.
Might be that a higher status than New User is needed for sending PM ?
Shall I paste the tx ID here ?
thank you

not sure if it is safe to put whole TX id in here, so just posting first and couple of last characters.
also, sent it via Message in support Tab.

deposit transaction ID

you can send me it by email as well ( i need the trade ID not the tx id.
a pm u can send by clicking my icon (but might be that its not allowed for new users?).

Payout did not work the first time, I re-opened and closed again and now it worked. Sent you by email the tx id.

Thanks. I see the payment now.