(SOLVED) ERROR: java.lang.IlligalStateExeption

After my last trade, which ended with the help of an arbitrator, I get the error “java.lang.IlligalStateExeption” every time I start up Bisq. In the mean time, I have one open offer that is not published (although it is enabled) and I cannot disable, edit or delete that offer.

edit: After every start up of bisq, I also get a mobile app notification (sometimes multiple the same) that there is a new dispute message, but there is no new one and all disputes are closed.

Can somebody tell me what this error means and how I can get rid of the error?

thanks for your help

Sounds like your bitcoin wallet is corrupt. Don’t know if there is any way to save the current offer you have.

Before doing anything it’s always a good to backup your data directory. You can then try to do a resync of your SPV file under Settings > Network info but it might not help. If that doesn’t work you can recover your wallet from seed which should at least let you recover your BTC. Without the logfile it’s hard to know exactly what the problem is.

Hi sqrrm,

Is it privacy safe to post the logfile? I do not wish to have a git account, but will it also help to post it here?

It shows your onion address and some tx ids so I understand if you don’t want to post it. If you feel comfortable to email it to sqrrm1@gmail.com using pgp that’s another option.

Hi sqrrm,

Thanks for taking the time to look at the log.
I have send the email secure with protonmail. Hope that is OK with you. (please look at the password hint)

edit: btw, resyncing did not help and I also see that the dao will not sync anymore (I think it did before). Could that be the source of the trouble? -> DAO does not sync -> BSQ wallet says zero BSQ -> error with open offer (which is funded with bsq)


I have looked at the log, thanks for sending it. I don’t know how to fix the state of your wallet right now, I will have to look further into this.

The problem seems connected with the previous dispute. What was the result of the dispute? Where you online while it ended? Did you have any issues before the dispute was concluded?

Thanks for taking a look at the log. below I my anwsers on your questions

What was the result of the dispute? -> The dispute ended in my favor, but it was quite abrubt and the arbitrator did not explain his reasoning. Only from the transaction I could see that BTC + the 10% security deposit. My counter trader got about 16% of the trade back. I do not know why.

Where you online while it ended? -> No, I was not. I was offline.

Did you have any issues before the dispute was concluded? -> No, I did not have any issues before the dispute. So far bisq has always performed correctly.

Is there anything I can do to give more info?

Hi there. Just wanted to let you know how I solved the error I had, in case it helps somebody else.
As explained, during the error I had one offer (which did not get published) that I could not change, delete etc, due to this error. Since I did not know if the reserved funds would be returned when using a backup, I decided to try something different, which did work:

I installed an old version of Bisq: 0.9.1
With this version I could delete the open offer.
After that I installed the latest version again.
Error is gone, DOA syncs again and everything is back to normal.

EDIT: seems I cheered to soon. The actions above did remove the error, but also my accounts (fiat and crypto)

EDIT2: After putting back my backup and restart Bisq, it seems to work again. I had to delete the previous deleted offer again, but this time I was able to do so without an error.