SOLVED: How to remove offers on the now-closed LTC base-currency market?

I have not opened my bisq instance running off the LTC as base-currency market for a while. Had no idea this was shut down… I still have LTC locked up in offers.

When clicking Remove Offer in the UI I get a useful message that I have to wait for my node to connect to the network… which obviously is not going to happen.

Whats the quick’n’dirty way to reclaim all my LTC reserved in offers?

Thanks guys!

I think you should still be able to use cmd+e for emergency wallet tool to reclaim your LTC.
You can always export your private keys though with cmd+j after removing the wallet password.

Ctrl+e did not work. I got the same error that I have to wait for bisq connecting to the network. Removing the wallet password and exporting the private keys worked.

Thanks for the help!

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I need to do the same. What is the exact process for do this?

You just need to go to Account->Wallet password and enter your password and click on the “Remove password” button, if you have your wallet encrypted.

Then restart the app and press cmd+j to view your LTC private keys.
Then you can import those in your Litecoin wallet.