[SOLVED] No response from arbitrator - trade id gJaCIUr

My ETH/BTC trade resulted in an dispute (the buyer did not confirm receipt).

I received an inital response from my arbitrator that the peer had 48 hours to respond. It has been over a week now and I suspect my messages are not reaching my arbitrator (I’ve had connectivity issues with the BISQ app recently, which might be the cause here).

How do we approach this situation?

Can you post the onion address of your arbitrator (see in trade details when u click in the ID). Maybe the message did not arrive. Once we checked if the arbitrators received it or not I will tell you how to re-open the case.

my arbitrator: swfmgmb2aoyqxkte.onion:9999

Hi, this was my trade. I had closed it out days ago. Looks like something went wrong. Digging into it now. Please stand by.

I have re-opened and re-closed this trade. Waiting now to see if the payout transaction occurs as expected this time. I’ll keep an eye on it and confirm.

Update: As I was reviewing the message history for the freshly closed dispute the following error was displayed:
Error: tradersMultiSigKeyPair must not be null

No payout tx as of yet.

Yeah, this is a known issue, I can explain why it happens later. @snakes, it sounds like your Bisq client is online? I’m going to re-open and re-close this one more time, in a way that should have your client sign the multi-sig transaction. I’ll send you a message first. Please respond to me so I know for sure you’re online, and then I’ll close it out.

I’m online and I see your message in my Bisq app.

Have you responded? If so, I do not see your response.

I’m seeing your message but there is no input field open in the app (because the dispute is in status: closed?)

Hm. that should not be the case. I reopened the ticket. Could you close and reopen Bisq, just in case this makes a difference? @ManfredKarrer, does this sound familiar to you? A situation where I have re-opened a ticket, but the trading parties do not see it as re-opened on their side?

Restarting Bisq did not change the situation for me.

Ok. Stand by. We’ll do a manual payout.

Ok, please see the chat messages in your Bisq client. I’ve given you instructions there about how we’ll do the manual payout.

You won’t be able to respond to me in in-app chat, because of the problem with your ticket being closed. Do you have access to any other form of encrypted chat? For example, PGP-encrypted email or using Keybase chat? (I am https://keybase.com/cbeams). It is important that you send me your answers via a secure channel, because it’s going to include your private key that we’ll use to sign the multisig payout transaction manually.

No new messages in my app, unfortunately.

I’m assuming you meant keybase.io . I’ve created a profile now - https://keybase.io/cryptosnakes and I’ll message you shortly.

Yes, that’s right. I’ll look out for your message, thanks.

Just following up here, @snakes and I completed a manual payout per the instructions at https://github.com/bisq-network/docs/blob/master/exchange/howto/manual-dispute-payout.adoc#trader-instructions, and the multisig payout is now complete.

Thank you for solving this!

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