[Solved]Stuck at "Wait for blockchain confirmation", explorer says "Unable to decode output address"

Hi there, i’m new to bisq and had some succesful trades, but now i’m having an issue.

Bisq is synchonized with the BTC Mainnet, 9 peers. My security deposit is Locked in trades, but checking the Transaction in an explorer shows

Unable to decode output address

Here’s the deposit tx ID


That’s prob the reason for the bisq trade being stuck, anyone knows what to do now?
Big Thanks!

edit: I’m buying BTC selling altcoin.

The “unable to decode output address” is normal (don’t ask me why because I’m not savyy enough to tell you).

The trade is stuck because the deposit still has 0 confirmations. It will sort itself once you got your first conf.

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Yeah, this is an issue with some block explorers.
Bisq uses OP_RETURN values in trade transactions, that some explorers can’t read correctly. Bitaps is one of the explorers that shows this message correctly instead of an error.

Your transaction is indeed not confirmed, maybe due some fee estimation issue, such as a sudden spike in mining fees or something.

It should resolve itself naturally once it gets confirmed.

In Bisq the deposit is a multisig address, and most explorers aren’t able to read multisig address, hence the error message.
Your tx was also done with low fees, and yesterday the average fee was higher than usual (over 20 s/B), which may explain some time necessary to be processed.

Thanks for the replies, will keep an eye on the fees next time. Mine was half of the average yesterday, so that caused the delay.