(Solved) Trade canceled with the help of the arbitrator, but payouts did not happen yet

I have a canceled trade where the deposited funds are not paid out yet neither to the buyer nor the seller. The arbitrator is: 3b7cft5k4ae6a236.onion:9999 and the trade ID is: 98543586-b48551ca-0799-4a91-a8b8-07d7c5dc8d49-071 .
I cannot message the arbitrator any more on bisq because the ticket is closed.
Can some help with facilitating this payout please?


Did you try Settings/Network info / Resync SPV chain ?

Do you have open trades at the moment ?

And the payouts went through now. Thank you.

Homard: I was monitoring the addresses on https://www.blockonomics.co and in electrum as well, to make sure it was not a bisq sync issue.

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