[Solved] What happened to my BSQ

I bought 16.81 BSQ on July 11 and have since used 0.17 in trading fees. My current wallet balance is 0.00. The wallet shows that none of it is being held for voting, locked in bonds or anything. The transaction tab shows my 0.17 in trade fees, but nothing unusual that I didn’t authorize. I have enjoyed this platform so far and would love to continue to support it. Any help is appreciated, thanks.

Are you connecting to your own node? When you go to DAO > Network Monitor > DAO State, what do you see?

Status is blank.
Chain of DAO state hashes: no data available
DAO state hashes from peers in conflict: No data available

Your DAO State may still be synchronizing. You should see data under “Chain of DAO state hashes”.
You didn’t respond. Are you running a local Bitcoin node?

There is no data currently not available under “Chain of DAO state hashes”. I am not running a bitcoin node. I don’t have the storage for it.

I have left the Bisq application running all day yesterday and it still did not synchronize.

Rstart it now and then restart it if after an hour it still hasn’t synchronized.

Also If you are running a VPN try with it turned off.

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This helped me. That was the problem. Thank you!

Thank you for the help! Badha5h figured out the problem. It was my VPN