Some prices display "N/A" after a few hours

I have opened an offer a few hours ago and then I went away.
Now I’m back and while my computer is still on and my offer is still there, waiting, some of the other offers both in the “Sell BTC” and “Buy BTC” order books show “N/A” for the prices.
I’m not going to restart the application because afaik, this would close my offer and I’d lose some BTC.
Just wanted to report this bug.
Here’s a screenshot:

You can safely restart your Bisq if you want, your offer will not be canceled, it will just not be available at that time, so no need to worry about that.

We have been experiencing this issue recently. This issue might be due to recent heavy load on the Tor network, but I am not sure about that, it is just what I understood from what Manfred said at one point.

Oh this is great to know! I was unsure in general what happens when closing the program while an offer is open.
I think I’ve read that post from Manfred as well :wink:
Though I don’t get how load on the network does produce this misbehaviour, as I expect the App to refresh frequently and thus not displaying “N/A” for hours…

The Tor network is under heavy load/attack so that causes all kind of issues for Bisq as well. Restart is the best u can do here. We need to add more code to detect once a price nodes does not deliver data for too long and then reconnect to another one.

Alright. How does all of the other data (who sells it, etc etc) arrive though, just the price doesn’t?
How is it possible?

I am not sure, but Tor makes complex routes for it’s connections, a single connection bounces from one peer to the other several times before reaching it’s destination. When your client connects to different nodes, it takes different routes to them and some of them might be faulty. There are many peers for Bisq and you make connections to multiple peers at all times, this I assume makes offers show up more reliably as they are shared between peers. Price is supplied by price nodes that are not nearly as numerous, so I guess this is why it is more likely that you don’t get price data than offerbook, as it is more likely that all of your connections to price nodes fail, than to all other peers.

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Yeah I knew how Tor works already,
But thank you very much for fhe clarification regarding number of nodes!
It seems logical to have the actual offers on more nodes while maybe the prices are less frequent so you’re sure to always see all offers.

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You are usually connected to about 8-12 peers. Those connections can fail as well but usually you dont recognize it as you will connect to others. The price request is a http node where u request each minute and disconnect directly after connection.