Someone accepted my buy offer 12hr ago, deposit seen by 22 peers 0 confirmations

i had made a buy offer 1 hr before the one in subject line and it was confirmed within 30min of a seller accepting. mining fees were about the same. never had one take this long after seller accepted. if the 4day timer had started, i’d just wait. but the timer still says 4 days and hasn’t started ticking down yet. i tried restarting bisq after 6 hrs of no confirmation.

i tried searching and just saw some instances of being stuck on confirm a long time but their 4day timer had started. im pretty new though sorry if it’s something dumb i missed in a search.

trade id: 0281183-f7c85ba1-bcba-4a61-a46d-eae9e52ad1e3-112

Don’t worry, it’s normal that the timer only starts after the deposit transaction gets confirmed on the blockchain. If you can see the transaction on block explorers, you just have to be patient.

It is possible that the maker’s fee transaction is also still unconfirmed because it was created when the fee estimates were very low. This would explain why your other deposit transaction with a similar fee got confirmed, but this one didn’t.


In the last 24 hours, bitcoin mining fees were between 40sat/byte and 120 sat/byte, from 40 to 120.
That’s quite volatile and may be the cause for some delays.

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