Something is strange with

Do a Google on and you are going to find out how they are blockchain crusaders, proudly accepting Bitcoin and other Altcoins to buy goods online with.

I tried to actually buy something from them last night from my €uropean home…

There was no option to pay in BTC. The annoying “helpbot” masquerading as a human informed me that they are no longer accepting cryptocurrency.

I went back to Google again and tried my best to find out when and how this happened, but nothing to be found - dead silence from the press. There are only recent (as in today) pieces still lauding Overstock and declaring how their stock is soaring.

Am I missing something? Maybe everybody is so caught up in bitcoin frenzy that they have forgotten that it is supposed to be a useable medium of exchange and are happy to manipulate the news to suit their bull/bear polarised mentality?


Ok, I did miss something…

Overstock is limited in which countries they accept Bitcoin. My European country is not included at the moment. I still find it strange though, considering that the EU is a common trade zone.

Oh, and "help"bots needs to be taken to the gallows and hung!