SOSCoin price in application

Hi Bisq,

We added SOSCoin (ERC20 token) last month in Bisq. When the new version was released we noticed that the price shown in interface is too high (although we set the initial price for 1 SOS at 0.00000021 ETH. Does anyone knows how the Coin price is obtained?

In Bisq market prices are provided by BitcoinAverage, Poloniex and Coinmarketcap.

Bisq shows you where it got the price at the top of the screen right bellow the price itself.
Sometimes it just takes a price from a last Bisq trade, which it will tell you if you read that text bellow the price.

You can always set your own price when trading of course, these prices are just there in case you want to use percentage based offers.

Hi Alex, thanks for replying!
I took a look on BitcoinAverage and search for SOS coin there and found a similar price for Somali Shilling (SOS), but that’s not our token! Our token is not even pricing on coinmarketcap… How do you get the prices? You simply put the currency code when calling the BitcoinAverage API? We provided our contract address to you when we added the coin to Biaq from etherscan:
So this might be an error!
The bad part is that we cannot create an offer since the price is too far from what you erroneous get from BitcoinAverage…

When I select SOS coin in Bisq it says market price is provided from Poloniex.

Exactly! Poloniex doesn’t know about SOS Coin, I only noticed that the price is similar on BitcoinAverage… Anyway, thanks so much for replying… is there any chance of reaching the developers to ask what Poloniex API they use? I tried but of course that it doesn’t return a valid pair!

You can try asking on Slack
They might provide you with more info on this.

Thanks so much Alex, but I already tried contacting them on Slack… it says that the channel is no longer active…