Speeding up deposit transactions


I’m new to Bisq and have just started trying to use it to trade some bitcoin. I’ve had an offer to sell accepted but I’m currently waiting for transaction confirmations on the deposit transaction. Is there a way I can increase the fee sent for these transactions in future? I can see a setting for the withdrawal fee but I don’t obviously see anywhere to change the deposit fee…


Well you would need to change that in your external wallet, where you are sending your bitcoins from. If you are using a wallet like Bitcoin Core that allows you to use RBF option in transactions then you can use that as well to change the fee if the one you set wasn’t enough.

But for now you might want to look into CPFP method to bump up your transaction fee, since you do control the receiving address.

Hey Alexej996,

I’m a bit confused by this - perhaps I wasn’t clear. I’m not talking about the transaction to deposit money into my bisq wallet, I’m talking about the multi-signature transaction that is placed automatically by the software when my offer is accepted. AIUI the whole point of the multi-signature thing is that I don’t control the receiving address by myself. Am I misunderstanding something here?


Oh, ok. I thought you were talking about moving bitcoins into Bisq internal wallet from the external one.

No, I don’t believe there is an option for that.

No the trade tx fee cannot be set by the users because if one trader sets it too low it will hurt the other traders as well. That’s why we use a fee estimation service which worked fine so far. Just recently with the high spam txs, there are issues. We are not alone with those problems. Many services and exchanges have issues atm.
Hope the spammers run out of money soon…

See: https://bitcoinmagazine.com/articles/curious-case-bitcoins-moby-dick-spam-and-miners-confirmed-it/
for background about spam…