Square Cash App

My Square Cash app Debit Card is all of a sudden showing a zero balance at all ATMs and is declined at every store. I have plenty of money in the app but the card has not worked in over a week now so I know it isn’t the ATM withdrawal limit. Any ideas on how to fix this? The customer support is terrible for this company and I’m thinking about just closing the account and deleting the app.

may we know why are you asking this question here ?

I saw other posts asking about this in this forum.

This forum is firstly devoted to Bisq (a decentralized market place).
We have no special competence about cash app to be of great help (apart saying stay away).

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Sorry, Bisq has nothing to do with Cash App.
Ever since there have been reported chargebacks, Cash App is banned as payment method on Bisq network.

We really don’t want to overwhelm this forum with questions about Cash App.
Posts here should be about Bisq.